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Heat Transfer Equipment

 What is the Dye Sublimation Printing?


Dye sublimation printing is a newer decoration method, but it’s come a long way from the iron-on decals of old.  

With heat transfer, also known as digital transfer, your custom logo or design is printed onto transfer paper and then ink is thermally transferred from the paper to your fabric using heat and pressure.


Heat Transfer Equipment (Left Picture)


Uses: use for large-format satin, knitted fabric, oxford fabric, stretch fabric, background fabric without stitching.

Applicable products: Large background fabric, tension fabric display, canopy etc.




We just scaled up with the purchase of new advanced machine 

Double-Sided Direct Digital Printer

Multi-Colour Printing Press

Uses:Paper Printer, Label Printer, Cloths Printer, Fabric Printer

Applicable Products: Feather Flag,Colourful Flag, Beach Flag, Tension Fabric Display

Highlights:tiny colour difference & cost-effective

Double-sided Direct Digital Printer